Although this is still an R380 I thought it warranted it’s own separate section.

The “Stumpy” or short bellhousing R380 was made by Land Rover as a direct replacement for the 4 Cyl LT77. The bellhousing is 30mm shorter than the LT77 one as the 5th speed housing on the R380 is 30mm longer.

They can be fitted to the 2.5 N/A, 2.5 petrol and the 200 TDI engines, anywhere the 4 Cyl LT77 is fitted.

This type of R 380 was made with two ratio options, the type 50A and the 44A, the 50A has the lower gearing like the 50A LT77 and the 44A has the higher gearing like the type 56A 200 Tdi Defender LT77. Also both ratio options were made in suffix J, K and L format.

We are only able to supply the parts for the type 44A suffix J and the 44A suffix L, the 44A suffix L being the most desirable as this has the higher gearing and the strength advantages of the later suffix L design. Please see the ratio calculator to see the two sets of ratios.

You can also spec the heavy duty rear support bearings if required and /or the higher 5th gear ratio if required, please see the R380 section for more info on this.

Note you can’t use the LT77 diff lock linkage and will need the R380 type which we can supply good used.

The Land Rover part number of the 44A suffix L is TRC103140.  The Land Rover part number of the 50A suffix L is TRC103150

We are able to either supply a kit of parts to allow you to convert your R380 to this spec or we can supply a complete rebuilt unit to this spec.

The conversion parts are :

Bellhousing (FTC4018)


Front Housing

Clutch fork pivot(FTC4173&FTC4174) inc screws

Clutch fork (FTC2957HD)

Clutch fork thrust pads, pair (FRC5255)

Clutch release bearing (UTJ100210)

Clutch release bearing clip (FRC3416)

to buy these parts individually see here

These are obviously more expensive than a replacement LT77 but are both far stronger and have the facility to add an oil cooler if required, worth the extra money if you are keeping the Defender or if it’s working hard like an overlander etc.