CV Joints

Heavy Duty CV joints for Land Rover vehicles with a FIVE YEAR warranty against failure.

There has for some time been a need for a stronger CV joints especially with the recent trend of fitting 35″ tyres or similar, some people shrink a band around the existing CV bell, some fit the early type AEU 2522 to the later axles as this is the strongest one Land Rover can offer but these still fail.

Note the warranty runs from the original point of sale and not from the supply date of any replacement or repaired cv joints and does not include any consequential loss incurred  that may be suffered in the event of a cv breakage.

We have manufactured the CV from scratch using improved materials, the inner and cage are from 300M and the bell is from 4340 alloy steel. There are a number of design changes which have been incorporated to produce a CV far exceeding the strength of anything else on the market. Please click for product technical data – housing & domemass.

These units have been subject to some very thorough testing in the UK and Europe and allow the driver to confidently use the front locker when on full steering lock even with the vehicle on it’s nose. We are also now able to offer late sytle CVs which are ABS compatible.

We have manufactured four designs of CV to cover most Land Rover applications.   Please see our application guide below to see which CV joint is suitable for your vehicle.

Please note our five year warranty is only valid for vehicles with up to and including 35″ tyres. 


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