All our heavy duty halfshafts carry a 5 YEAR breakage warranty.

We manufacture three types of heavy duty halfshaft to fit the front and rear axles of the Range Rover, Discovery and 90. We also supply shafts to fit the late type (2003 onward,) 110 rear axle. Our shafts are made from ‘4340’ alloy steel. We have also made some design improvements to remove the stress concentration which typically causes failure at the diff end, this allows the shaft to flex along its length absorbing much of the shock loads.

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We designed and built the test rig mentioned above to allow us to twist shafts until they failed to get a definitive measure of the elasticity and ultimate strength. The rig consists of a steel box section frame which holds a 3000 PSI hydraulic power pack, pressure gauge, 100mm diameter ram, 75mm duplex chain and a large diameter sprocket. This sprocket is bolted to a drive flange and another drive flange is bolted to the frame, the shaft is fitted between the 2 drive flanges and when a valve is opened the ram pulls the chain which in turn twists the shaft.

A photo of the testing:

A photo of the testing

A video of the test rig in action:

We are interested in 3 things :

1) torque applied, this is calculated as we know the oil pressure applied to the ram from the gauge, we know the ram piston diameter and we know the sprocket radius, from this we can calculate the torque applied.

2) total twist, we have a simple ‘clicker’ which clicks on each tooth of the sprocket as it turns, we know how many teeth are on the sprocket so we know how many degrees each ‘click’ is.

3) Elasticity, i.e. how much the shaft springs back once failed, worked out from a line drawn on the shaft before the test, total twist – twist when line aligned on failed shaft.

By plotting the pressure at each click we can plot a graph of torque on the vertical axis versus elongation/twist on the horizontal axis.

The graphs below show the results of the testing we have done on the front and rear landrover halfshafts:

Front Shaft Graph       Rear Shaft Graph

Please note we do not supply 10/32 or 24/32 spline halfshafts. By replacing the 32 spline CV with a 23 spline CV we can use the stronger 24/23 shaft.

If you are trying to identify your existing shafts the measurements of our shafts may assist:

Short Long
Front Shafts 451mm 835mm
Thick Flange Rear Shafts (OSR) 700mm 967mm
Thin Flange Rear Shafts (NSR) 684mm 950mm
Salisbury Early 660mm 978mm
Salisbury Late 638mm 959mm
Series Shafts 642mm 872mm

This picture may also assist you in identifying your shaft:

It can get a little confusing working out what parts are required for your vehicle so the following is a guide to cover most applications, scroll down to the vehicle you have, down to the year/engine type then to front or rear to see standard spec and upgrades available. Please see our application guide below to assist you:

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